Leeroy Jenkins

This is an old Warcraft meme, but new to me, and its hilarity is universal.

It’s just awesome. And players who endlessly strategize and micromanage drive me insane. I’ve never yet been on a raid (my main is still 75) so maybe the overthinking is necessary for all I know – but pulling a Leeroy is going to be hard to resist.

3 thoughts on “Leeroy Jenkins”

  1. I missed that – you mean Divine Intervention? The video is so chaotic, its a little hard to follow.

    Actually, that explains the guy complaining how “I can’t move” – but cant you release yourself from DI by rtclicking the buff?

  2. No, back in those days, I believe it counted as a debuff; you were taken out of combat and banished. The real problem was that so few people ever used it that they didn’t realize it killed the paladin who cast it.

    DI was a really stupid spell; its only use was allowing your priest to survive a wipe so he could resurrect the party. But if things were going that badly, the priest probably wasn’t standing somewhere safe, and the paladin was probably too busy to select him, find the rarely-used spell on his toolbar, and click it.


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