a hackintosh for me, iphone applications for thee

I’m embarking on a hackintosh project because I want to dabble in some iPhone/iPod application development. This post is really a sort of notepad for some of the resources I am researching to help with this. The hardware is a refurbished Dell Mini v10, and I can report that it gets 2 fps (Dalaran) to 20 fps (out in the wild) playing Warcraft. 🙂

I was a moderately good citizen and snagged a legitimate copy of Snow Leopard off Amazon – the upgrade disc, mind you. The OSX installation guides vary but here are the main ones (slightly contradictory):

Mech Drew: http://osx.mechdrew.com/guides/

Gizmodo: http://bit.ly/ItgcC

Lifehacker: http://bit.ly/6sdVx

As far as learning how to do app development, I will use the courses on Apple ITunes University and also I bought this book.

unfortunately, none provide a simple way to add an OS/X install as a multiboot option. I used a freeware partition software to create a new 80 GB partition, so hopefully I can use that for OS/X but I’m really treading on new ground here. Ideally I can multi-boot into XP or Snow Leopard.

If anyone has any words of wisdom or advice, please do let me know! This isn’t for the faint of heart, clearly.

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