The Secret of Kells

Don had a short post linking to a tantalizing new animated film called Secret of Kells which seems to only be released in Irish theaters at present, but would be a prime candidate for torrenting (assuming Pirate Bay can get back online; I don’t torrent enough nowadays to be able to sustain a BakaBT account like Steven does).

The animation has an exotic brushstroke painting feel to it, and there’s a gaggle of reviews online that are praising the storyline, with plenty of references to Miyazaki. I’m a little hesitant, since everyone universally praised Ponyo as the awesomest thing ever, but was a disappointment to me. Still, if this appears in local theaters then its a natural target for me and my 8yr old.

3 thoughts on “The Secret of Kells”

  1. The plot is the weakest part of the movie, though it does hang together better than Ponyo’s. I give the movie a stong recommendation for its art, which is gorgeous, like a medieval cartoon. I doubt that it will ever get a proper theatrical release in the USA. I saw it at an arthouse cinema in St. Louis, and such venues are the most likely places to find the movie until it’s available on disc.

  2. The U.S. distributors of Secret of Kells list theaters and dates on their Facebook site:

    I saw the film in Chicago and loved it. (A search turned up your mention of it.) Hope the ripples spread further.

    Amazon is listing a U.S. DVD but there is no release date yet. You can buy a DVD from Europe if your player works with Region 2.

  3. DVD/Blu-ray release is slated for October 5, and we will continue theatrical release into the summer (including a return to Chicago’s Siskel for 2 weeks, June 25-July 8). We try to keep the Facebook page Bill mentioned as accurate as possible…


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