Razorfen Kraul

So, back in Azeroth I had a really enjoyable run through Razorfen Kraul with a winsome nelf priest friend of mine; the high point had to be the armada of snufflenose gophers we were parading arouund. The low point was getting those gophers to actually do their job. My warrior is level 34, on the high side for the level, but still nowhere near high enough to solo RFK. I’ve found that doing instances really requires teamwork to get anything out of them; to solo one you must be so high level that none of the item drops are going to be worth anything to you. A team of three players, all matched to the instance’s level or slightly above, is probably optimal (the Holy Trinity of tank, healer, and DPS). That’s not always possible, of course, and this experience in RFK taught me that it’s actually more fun to go with an escort at level 80. I have been escorted through the deadmines and the stockades with an 80 before, but those were boring; the 80 did all the work and my job was to sit back and get out of the way. This time, I was able to charge up and practice my warrior techniques in full melee, and the 80 backed me up as needed with heals, buffs, and ensuring that I didn’t get overloaded (since every attack they made generated higher threat). The result was a fun fight where I could experiment with my new berserker stance, but where I still had to work at it. I was high enough level that I could survive the melee and inflict damage on my own instead of being babysitted through the whole instance. The downside was that I got only average gear – I need to try the same thing out on a slightly tougher instance (perhaps something in the 30-40 range).

I’m thinking about focusing on instances for a while; I still have to do Gnomeregan. I really want to “twink” myself and try to get some better gear, as what I have thus far is mostly picked up from quests and lags behind the curve.

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  1. Heh. That’s not a twink.

    I was fortunate enough to actually get a five man together while I was leveling (that actually formed and remains the cadre of our guild) and I really think it is what made me into a good player. Running an instance with a group at level is the absolute best training for the end game, because everything at the end game is at level. Remember, the real game starts at 80 (to be 85 in about a year.)

    And I’m really looking forward to heroic VC. I’m slightly mifffed that our guild hasn’t retackled Ony. (I remember doing it at 60 before everyone was farming her.)

    Many whelps! Left side! Handle it!!!


    (He actually does a good job of explaining the fight. We still use this to teach people.)

  2. Noooo!!! Journey not into Gnomeregan! It is an accursed place! OK, it’s just a really annoying deathtrap. If you go in there, make sure you have a full party of five, with a decent mix (a tank, a good healer, and three good DPS).

    At your level, Scarlet Monastery is another choice… it’s broken up into four “wings” that go from about 35 to 40. Some nice gear drops there, too.

  3. What Phelps said–end-game content almost always has to be 5-manned, so get in the habit. Also be aware, if you group with someone drastically higher than yourself, you’ll get effectively no XP, so unless you’re there for loot or the achievement, all you’re getting out of it is a look at the scenery.

  4. hey! I’m only 76!
    And real on-lvl instance groups are 5mans.
    tank, healer, 3 deeps.
    The best fun I have had in game was timed 10man Zul Aman pre-Lich nerf.
    Well…besides pvp.

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