Domo Kun at Target

DOMO-4-344-C.jpglast Halloween, I was kind of surprised to see Domo Kun all over the local Target store. It seems Target decided to embrace the brown guy in a big way, it was really quite bizarre. I thought no more of this until just now, reading that a new line of collectible Domos will be on sale at selected Target stores, including the one I always frequent. I have a feeling the combination of association with Japanese culture, the incongruity of Domo amidst the American retail environment, and the simple consumer psychology of the “limited release” is going to mean I bite on this. Especially since Domo isn’t gonna be brown anymore.

As part of a new vinyl toy test initiative by the Target retail chain, new packaging solutions and colorways have been created of this popular character, with the mass-market audience in mind. For collectors, these special Qees have been produced in new exclusive colors, previously unavailable. In addition to the classic brown color, one of four new exclusive colors are available in a special blind box two-pack; two of which are available individually. These new colors include both a solid yellow and orange, as well as both a translucent black and a translucent blue.

“We have tried to introduce the “mystery box” genre to a more casual consumer, with an equally-weighted ratio of four different colors packed in a blind box and paired with a visible brown Domo Qee” said VP of Product Development, David Scroggy. “The customer has an equal shot at one of four possible surprise colors. The blister-carded package for the single Domo Qee choices are something new for both Toy2R and Dark Horse. None of these colors are a part of our regular “mystery box” assortment, so we hope this will be of interest to collectors as well as the general public.”