The Grand Tour

my 30-day introductory membership to WoW expired today, but I haven’t yet renewed. I am resolving to finish my PC upgrade first. Unfortunately I neglected to order some thermal paste… so should I just build the PC anyway or do I delay it (and WoW, accordingly) to obtain some? I’ll have to order it from Newegg or something, which will take a week. I suppose I could use that week to do other stuff, like blog or watch anime or whatnot. Heh.

In other news, my (human warrior) main is up to level 15. In one session I decided to basically grab as many flight points as I could, so starting from Westfall I 1. flew to Stormwind and 2. ran to Lakeshire, then 3. hearthed back to Westfall, 4. flew to Stormwind again, 5. took the tram to Ironforge, 6. ran to Loch Modon, 7. flew to Lakeshire and 8. ran to Darkshire. Actually I may have mixed the order of operations up a bit in there, it was kind of a blur. At any rate I basically have all the FPs for the Alliance in the southern Eastern continent. I’m mostly done with the pre-Deadmines quests in Westfall, but now I plan to polish off quests in Lakeshire and Loch Modan first. I’ll also pick up whatever easy quests there are in Dun Morogh too for leveling.

Of course, this is all on hold until I upgrade the box…

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  1. Newegg takes a week? Its practically day-after-next for me.

    You should be able to get some thermal paste at any best buy, radio shack, comp usa, etc, for very little money. Why pay for shipping when you can grab some next time you’re driving around town? You should have gotten some with almost every cpu or cooler you ever buy, I have like 3 tubes in my computer junk drawer, including some older arctic silver II which is what I use most of the time.

    1. huh. you’re right, it never occurred to me to try RS out. Theres on one the way home in fact.

      I have a feeling I’ll be doing some building tonight…

      incidentally another motivation for upgrading is that I think the DDR sticks are causing some trouble with this old ASUS mobo. I am using DDR 400 and thats well above the highest listed compatible speed in the manual. I am also running Vista, so some combination of running the WoW client on Vista and the RAM speed is causing routine system crashes, even BSODs. Its been a huge hassle. I am hoping that by changing the mobo and CPU, I will get more stability (if not then i need to RMA the RAM ASAP…). I’ll swap the ASUS mobo with the original slower RAM into the other kids PC. its a gigantic shuffle…

  2. I’m a recovering WoW addict that played since beta and ran a large raiding guild. I’m sure not everyone who plays gets addicted, but as an anonymous voice from the depths of the Internet: “Don’t play it!”

    Check out some sites like or OLGAnon for a peek into what it has done to some people’s lives. Again, I’m sure some people can moderate themselves, but…

    Love the site about Haibane Renmei btw. It will always be my favorite anime.

  3. The dwarven area has the worst starting quests of all. They’re way scattered, involve lots of running, poor rewards, and frankly, just bite.

    I routinely took my characters to Stormwind as soon as they could survive the trip; in fact I took some earlier (Pip walked all the way to Lorderon in the Undead area, just for fun!) You’ll find that the new race (the name slips my mind; they’re from the crashed spaceship) have the best starting area of all, but then once they cross over to the mainland, it’s kind of lame; better to head over to Stormwind…

    Furthermore, having played both sides, I’m convinced that the low-level dungeon progression is pro-Horde, especially on PVP servers.

  4. better late than never. or is it the other way around?

    Alliance: Aabde, Zzamba, Gganda
    Horde: Aelasha

    all on Staghelm.

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