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Well, I am three days into my free trial on WoW and I am, well, wowed. Everything Shamus has said about the game is true, and I’ve barely scratched even the surface of the scratch that Shamus made. Thus far I have only played a human warrior – yeah, I like to keep things simple at the outset – and after about 4 hours of cumulative play am up to level 5, and just left the playpen and moved to Goldshire, which was just as wacky as has been reported. I’ve filled up on quests in that area but haven’t completed any because I got seriously whomped on by forest spiders on my way to the mine, so am at a bit of an impasse. I guess I could try to build up some cash and buy a fancier weapon – or maybe learn to use ranged attacks or the various other fancier combat modes than just “click and slash”. Actually though I think I will instead start a new character tonight, probably different race and class, to get a feel for other aspects of gameplay and the world.

I can definitely see the addictive appeal of this game and it’s almost a given that Blizzard is going to get my money. However I am pretty content to take it slow. I don’t need to rush through the whole thing to “finish” it, it’s like a fine meal I’d rather savor. Just working through the race and class combinations that appeal to me is going to fill up months. I’ll probably take a few iterations bringing these alts up to level 5 or six (ie, escape the playpen) and then return to my original human to start going further. Or maybe not; let’s see how it goes.

For now though I am on Staghelm server (a “Normal” server, not PvP or PvE) so if you see me running around, say hi! My characters so far are a human warrior (aabde) and a night elf druid (zzamba).

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  1. Other people can’t see your user name, just your character names. I’m glad you’re having fun, don’t forget that right now is an easter type event in wow, have fun collecting eggs in goldshire. 🙂

    Kahg, 80 druid, Dath’remar

    1. oh. wait a minute – then whats the thing in brackets? I’ve been seeing the following hovering over people’s heads:


      and I’ve even seen two people running around with the thing in brackets identical but diffferent names up top. I assumed it was two alts of the same player, with one auto-following the other.

      (gads I am such a noob)

  2. You should edit the post and remove your username; you really don’t want to reveal want. You should replace it with the name of your character.

    I’m on Staghelm. Look for Chisa, Akutso, or Hyuga. All night elves because I’m boring and rogues because I ain’t too bright. I have other characters, but those are the three that I play most frequently.

  3. hey, I think I ran across Hyuga yesterday evening. I was the male newbie night elf druid, zzamba. Were you online late last night around midnight CST?

  4. i play a rogue (which is even simpler than a warrior, incidentally), so i can’t give much tactical advice, but you should probably be looking into the different stances at this point.

    one general piece of advice–it’s possible that buying a weapon or armor would be worthwhile at this point, but it almost never is later in the game. all the good gear comes from quest rewards or killing dungeon bosses; anything you can buy from a vendor for ordinary money after about level 15 is pretty much guaranteed inferior.

  5. No, I wasn’t on last night about midnight CST; I’m fighting a bad cold, so I was in bed doped up on Nyquil. I’m through the worst of it now and almost starting to feel human again.

  6. I’m moving Kuu, my rarely played human rogue, to Goldshire.

    As far as making money goes, a low-level miner can usually make good money by selling copper bars. The market isn’t as amazing as it was before the new-class smell wore off the Death Knight class (my miner on Kael’Thas, Nybbles, made about 700 gold just on copper bars), but it’s usually pretty good.

    I haven’t been looking at copper prices on Staghelm, though, so your mileage may vary…

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