Amazon primed

I find that increasingly I turn to Amazon over Newegg for even electronics purchases. I just ordered a few items for around the house (a surge protector, a spare handset for our landline, a USB hub, etc) and I got my items the next day, even though I had specified two-day shipping (with Amazon prime, you get 2-business day shipping for free). In general, order fulfillment seems to be unbelievably snappy with Amazon and always seems glacial with Newegg. Maybe it’s partly because I pay for the Amazon Prime service – Its a feedback cycle in which I find myself ordering more and more from Amazon just because the convenience of free shipping is so addictive. I’m thinking of going the Amazon grocery route for restocking diapers, cereals, etc as well – it reminds me of the PeaPod service that was all the rage about 10 years ago but fizzled out. The funny thing is I don’t think I’ve bought a book, CD or DVD from Amazon in years.

3 thoughts on “Amazon primed”

  1. I usually get good shipping from Newegg; I live in California and we seem to share our UPS shipping hub. I get things overnight even when I only pay for the cheap shipping.

    Unless, of course, I’m *counting* on good shipping. Then, spontaneously, Newegg will decide to ship me something from New Jersey. There seems to be some sort of universal Anachronda comfort detector that configures the universe to maximize my annoyance…

  2. Anachronda: I agree! I have had one slow shipment from newegg, the others (more than a dozen) have been faster than the 3-day. I usually get things in two days here in Vegas.

  3. maybe it is a geographic thing. I always get my newegg shipments via Jersey. My amazon shipments tend to originate in Chicago. However, when I lived in texas it was much the same. Maybe the west coast is just the golden zone.

    Still, the range of products at Amazon is in my experience better overall – I rely on newegg for the computer hardware stuff, but for incidental stuff its just easier (and cheaper, when you factor in Prime) to go Amazon.

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