Sarah Connor Chronicles

Is anyone watching this show? From this interview at ComicCon it looks like it might be as interesting as Smallville. I’ve no idea whether its the same continuity as the movies or the new movie coming out or not. Still, Summer Glau kicking butt is pretty appealing. And the evolution of John Connor also will be something to see – I am reminded of Smallville.

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  1. I watch it, because I’m a sucker for The Terminator (they could put on “The Terminator Lawnmower Hour” and just feature The Terminator cutting people’s lawns for an hour and I’d still watch, because, hey, it’s the Terminator), but I don’t like it very much. I seem to be in the minority though. I like the actresses in the show (Summer Glau is awesome, as is Lena Headey as Sarah Connor). The John Connor character is still a weenie though (similar to the annoying John Connor from T2) and the storylines are fairly ridiculous. Lots of people seem to like it, but I guess I have higher standards (pretty hard to beat the first movie).

    The new movie, on the other hand, really intrigues me. I’ve always wanted to see a movie set in the future of the Terminator universe, and it looks like they’re set to make 3 of them. Having McG as the director is a little troubling, but from what I’ve seen, it looks decent. I’ve never been much of a comic book guy, but I did read a series called “Terminator: The Burning Earth” which was a brilliant series of comics that told the story of how John Connor broke into Skynet and sent Reese back in time. It was awesome…

  2. I watched the first episode. I liked the actors. But the time travel got wonkey with bad writing right from the start.

    Part of what I liked about the Terminator movies was that time travel was used sparingly, it made for clean speculation about self determination and intervention.

    But the first episode it was ‘oh, we need something. no problem, someone else will go further back in time and leave it for us, handy huh?’

    btw, I cannot see the equation jpg, I had to play the audio file. I use firefox with some large minimums for fonts, so its probably a forced-positioning of page elements covering it up. The google search bar covers up the publish button.

  3. The use of time-travel in the Terminator has frustrated the heck out of me since the first movie. The original Terminator utilized the clever Circular Causation theory of time travel (which avoids paradox, etc…). T2 pretty much crapped all over that theory of time travel (and thus all over the first movie) and though they stopped short of saying that they stopped judgement day, it’s pretty clear they were trying to get away from a time travel theory that made sense (on the DVD, an alternate ending shows an old Sarah Connor living in a world without judgement day – At least they decided not to use that). The third movie kinda got back on track, though it is obviously inferior to the first two movies. You also start to wonder, jeeze, how many terminators did they send back? Why didn’t they send the T1000 back to 1984 instead of 1992? And so on. The series totally compounds this error because there are literally like hundreds of terminators and even human freedom fighters from the future living in the past. It’s nuts.

    This is why I’m excited about the new movies. Since they take place in the future, you don’t have to beg all these time travel questions. I never got why all these stories are constantly being told in the past. Even the old Dark Horse comics series did that…

  4. I set the entire series to record on my V+ box but then never watched any of them, deleting them later to make room for other things. I admit Summer was an incentive to record it but a lack of positive hype after the series was underway made me feel I wasn\’t really missing much.

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