The Napkin PC

I love this concept:

Napkin PC

The Napkin PC design closely resembles a Napkin holder, combining multiple touchscreen devices within a collaborative network. Digital pens allow users to draw on these touchscreens just like they would on a napkin.

The design talks about collaborative work, but imagine instead if these were used in a single-user context instead. It’s almost the complete deconstruction of the PC into slices. One could imagine each being powerful enough to run a couple of web apps, so you might have one set aside on your fridge to rotate photos from Flickr, and another with an alarm clock and email app, for next to your bed. Another in the shower for watching streaming video or NPR audio, and one on your desk for notetaking. Manufacture the “napkins” cheaply enough and you have ubiquitous computing.

One thought on “The Napkin PC”

  1. No doubt the marketing geniuses will decide to make it sound all high tech by calling the napkins “bit slices”. Then us old fogies’ll be all confused by the younguns suddently going on and on about “bit slice computers”.

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