a continuity issue

odd. I mentioned earlier that one of the reasons Shampoo’s entrance weighs so heavily on Akane is because Ranma had defended her honor as his fiancee during the skating championship. But that doesn’t happen until after the 1st Shampoo arc. However, Akane flashbacks to it anyway! Here’s a screen grab from Akane’s flashback in the Shampoo introduction episode as proof.

akane flashbacks to the future

Pretty sure that’s the ice skating rink. Wierd.

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  1. In the manga, the ice skating sequence happened before Shampoo was introduced. As they were producing the anime, apparently the ratings on the first season were terrible and they decided at the very last minute to rearrange the story. The ice skating sequence was postponed, and the pullled the Shampoo intro forward.

    It didn’t help. The original director and team of writers were sacked at the end of the first season and an entirely different team took the series over.

  2. ah ok that makes significantly more sense. I really need to go through your Ranma archives…

    I am not noticing that much of a difference between the 1st and second season so far. Akane had more angst but I kind of like her vulnerable instead of mad. Her jeaolousy of Shampoo doesnt have as much depth. Ryoga however is far better – I find myself almost rooting for him and Ranma (as buds, in male form, i mean). As far as Ranma himself, he seems fairly constant. I am only as far in as the end of disc 3 though.

  3. One of the things that’s different is that Nabiki isn’t constantly stirring up the sediment. Another is that the characters of Kasumi and Dr. Tofu have been massively deemphasized.

    It just seems to me that things are a lot less complicated in the second series. And Ranma doesn’t go through angst about Akane like he does about three times in the first series.

  4. man, ive already seen so many episdes that I am losing track of what went when. Was it season 1 or 2 where Nabiki guilts Ranma into wearing womens clothes, and f course she only fits into Akane’s? They ask her how it fits acrossthe chest, and Ranma says “its really tight”, and Akane’s face gets a stormcloud. They ask how the hps are and Ranma answers, “I’m swimming in here” which prompts Akane to go for the sword. I was rolling with laughter.

  5. That was second season, and it was the waist area where the answer was “I’m swimming”, I’m pretty sure. That really was a good scene. (That was part of the Cologne arc IIRC.)

  6. No, it was first season, because that’s all I’ve got and I saw it. Somewhere in the middle of the series, but I don’t recall where. Ranma-chan was walking around with just a towel over her chest after a bath and that got the rest of the girls riled.

    Of course this indicates that Ranma had just had a *cold* shower without a hot soak in the tub, which is not the normal bathing pattern in Japan, as I understand it. I don’t remember anything about the hot water heater being out, which has to indicate that she did it on purpose.

    Gotta wonder just how upset he is about being a girl at times…

  7. ah yes tha was the context. Awesome πŸ™‚

    I think the water temperature is governed by plot requirement more than bathing traditions πŸ™‚

    though I gotta say, the bath house story later on was awesome. I think my tastes are getting worse.

  8. he is definitely a waste of screen time. Though, what other vector could they have used to even have a bathhouse episode? I dont see Ranma doing much other than quietly taking his bath if apposai were to occur. In that sense my expectation was kind of like Nabiki’s: something is bound to happen since Ranma and Happosai were there.

    (incidentally, Nabiki is also an underutilized asset.)

    What took me by surprise is how authentic the Ranma-Akane dynamic seems. I can forgive Happosai and a lot of other gofy crap because of it. And the really, really strong use of Ryoga is worth ten Happosais. I think Ryoga is the real understudy if the series. I hope he finds happiness. Ukyo is darn cute, maybe those two could hook up πŸ™‚ at any rate, i keep getting drawn back in.

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