A brief visual taste of Makoto Shinkai

via Nick, who has been blogging about Shinkai and Byousoko 5 cm for a year now. The subtitles are, ahem. not officially sanctioned. The hype surrounding Shinkai as the next Miyazaki has definitely whetted my interest. I have also learned that you can’t go wrong with a Nick obsession 🙂

UPDATE: Nick has a massive post with numerous shorts by Shinkai, and a link to an english fan site.

2 thoughts on “A brief visual taste of Makoto Shinkai”

  1. It’s definitely a compliment 🙂 I also owe my enjoyment of Twelve Kingdoms to you (though the Taiki arc is the one that interested me the most, and which of course is the one that they didn’t finish.).

    awesome post. I am updating this one…

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