3 thoughts on “Jack and Ikra”

  1. It’s a subtle thing. People look at the art and animation for this series and can tell that it’s very different in some way, but often can’t figure out exactly why.

    They made the artistic decision to not use black lines around colored areas. It’s an interesting choice, one that isn’t at all common. But I definitely think it works.

  2. not only does t work, but now I notice the lines on everything else – and i mean everything else.

    Everytime I go to WalMart and spend $100 on diapers, household goods, etc for the month ahead, I think to myself “man that could have been my Samurai Jack DVDs.” I rank Samurai Jack up there with Firefly as possibly the best television I have ever seen.

  3. possibly a spoiler, but also note how consistently the creatures of the desert target Ikra, not Jack.

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