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Well, this sucks for HD-DVD:

Netflix has just announced its intention to only stock Blu-ray titles in the future. Netflix justified its decision by pointing out the fact that most Hollywood studios seem to be converging solely around the Sony-backed format — a fact that’s all too familiar to Toshiba and friends. With both Blockbuster and now the ‘Flix having eschewed HD DVD for BD, it’s gonna get harder and harder to even find a place to rent those former discs in the first place, let alone one that has a decent selection.

I think that this is pretty serious a blow, since renting movies is the way most people watch them instead of purchasing them outright. Though it should be noted that downloading a movie instead of renting a physical disc is a business plan waiting in the wings. I don’t think it will happen soon enough to blunt the impact of Netflix’s decision, though, and anyway even if download becomes prevalent that doesnt help Blu-ray or HD-DVD much. They are both fighting to see who gets obsoleted last.

HD-DVD players are very, very cheap at Amazon.

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  1. While Netflix stated justification might be their primary motivation, I can see a secondary benefit to them standing behind the blue-ray format… that being Sony’s impressive anti-scratch coating that was developed to make the new disks fit the size expectations.

    For a company based on making a business out of shipping plastic platters via the cheapest means possible (aka cardboard sleeves), the anti-scratch coating could give them a much bigger return on their investments since the disks should last longer…

  2. ah. I hadn’t heard about that. That definitely makes more sense, agreed. If thats something that HD-DVD doesnt have then Im tempted to declare for Bluray myself.

  3. yeah, I noticed that (Ars updated their article with the same info). I dont have exact numbers but I assume Wal Mart is one of the largest electronics entry points to American households, so that’s gotta sting.

    ah well. See my newest post; I still might buy an HD-DVD unit for cheap for use as an upscaler to an HDTV. You still get a ridiculous number of free movies with it, after all.

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