8 thoughts on “I have been assimilated”

  1. a colon? I dont see a colon.. though wouldn’t be cool to have a plate that is all whitespace? tab-tab-space-tab…

  2. OK, I don’t get it. I see 162 or 231, or if you ignore the spacing 58 or 46. The char for 58 is a colon, which was my best guess too. What am I missing?

  3. I’m not seeing it either, and I accept that I lose geek cred for admitting I’ve been outgeeked on my own geek blog. I will do penance.

  4. Wait – did you just say you bought a custom tag that has no meaning whatsoever? I refuse to believe that. What was it supposed to mean? I’m dying here – this is driving me crazy.

  5. Googling Wisconsin custom plates informed me the those spaces weren’t enforced – they were added by you. So we’re back to the 162/231 mindset (allowing for both of your endian beliefs.)

    I enlisted two of my comp-sci profs here in the cracking effort, to no avail. One of them recalled an earlier 7-bit description of characters, and came up with the ‘cent’ sign and a random Spanish character, both of which seemed out of place.

    To your credit, Fledge, both profs found your license plate to be the most interesting thing they’d seen in weeks, and pledged to keep on the job until they figured it out. I saw a spark that I didn’t think they still had…

    Don’t let us down.

  6. no, no – Im not saying there isnt any meaning, Im saying that I cant get the semicolon interpretation 🙂

    I almost hate to tear asunder the cool veil of mystery here, but the rationale behind the plate is twofold:

    – i wanted it to be binary to drive people nuts about hidden messages (check!)

    – I wanted it to be somewhat symmetrical but not quite, so that if someone were trying to remember it after a casual glance it would be tricky.

    in point of fact the plate does have a significance as well. but it pertains to islamic symbolism and Shi’a numerology. I’ll do a writeup about that elsewhere so as not to mix my geek carrots with my religion peas. However, don’t tell your CS profs this! I would love to see what they (or others come up with). the “cent” sign is cool, and which Spanish character? Let’s write these down and come up with our own symbology 🙂

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