Galactica season 5… sort of

Buried in a story about how the dreary “Caprica” spinoff series is not as thankfully DOA as it should be, comes the astounding news that Galactica season 4 might get chopped into two mini-seasons:

SciFi is contemplating holding back “Galactica’s” final ten episodes until 2009 – a move that would apparently please NBC Universal’s accountants, even as it infuriates the show’s rabid fan base. TV Week’s source says SciFi will decide in January.

Under this plan, two hours of the series’ final 20 hours would arrive in November as the “Razor” TV-movie, eight would begin unspooling in January 2008 and the final ten would reach their audience in 2009.

Take that, Mr. Moore and your whole “end the series at the peak of our creative energy and storyline integrity” !

the TV Week story that is quoted by AICN above also has this to say:

With “Battlestar” fans already waiting about a year for the return of the series — not counting the two-hour “Razor” stand-alone movie coming this fall — returning with only 10 episodes could spark a revolt.

Moore’s storyline also could make fans demand rapid closure, one person close to the project says, since “when people see the ending of the 10th episode, they’re gonna freak out.”

maybe, but not like we’ll freak if they force us to wait an extra year to see episode 11.