trimming the chrome

I’ve drastically pruned my blogroll to just the same anime blogs that I subscribe to in my feedreader. Long-overdue links to Nick, Ubu, and Author were added, and if you’re a regular commenter here with a blog of your own, let me know so I can do the needful.

I also filled out XFN relationships where appropriate (if you’ve ever linked to/emailed me, you’re at least an acquaintance. If you’ve kicked me off your web forum or sent me Firefly DVDs, you’re a friend 🙂 WordPress supports XFN natively so might as well do my part for the Semantic Web and make Tim Berners-Lee happy.

Oh, and if you noticed any WordPress theme wierdness, that was just me pushing the big red button I wasn’t supposed to push. I think I should roll my own theme template, as I’ve hacked on the default quite a bit now. I’ll wait till after the WP 2.3 upgrade on monday.

One thought on “trimming the chrome”

  1. I have a blog — but it is (mainly) devoted to Japanese (and other East Asian) movies — not anime (which turns up only occasionally):

    As to Wisconsin in Fall — my wife is from the Sheboygan area — and when we lived in Illinois we visited both Horicon Marsh and Necedah National Wildlife Preserve. Lots and lots of lovely stuff to see in Wisconsin (esp. in Fall).

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