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I’d like to ask a question of you, my seven readers. For some time now I’ve had access to coupon codes at Dell Computer for significant discounts (25-40% off, etc) on new systems, especially notebooks. I usually just delete these because I am not in the market for a new notebook until next year. But if there is sufficient interest, I can post them here at instead. If anyone actually used one, I’d get a referral payment of about 5-10 dollars depending on the configuration, which would help with my hosting costs (I’m firmly in the red, I don’t have enough traffic for the google ads to really help. But that’s a price I pay willingly for my enjoyment). However I’d rather not put the codes up and take up space if they won’t be of any potential use to anyone. Your thoughts?

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  1. Here’s an example of the types of coupon codes I am talking about:

    * Save 25% on SELECT Dimension desktop purchases $999 or more. Coupon code: CHDC3259C?2720
    * Save 20% on Select Inspiron purchases of $999 or above. Coupon code: 9J8GXZ1S0RXMB?
    * $300 off Select Inspiron purchases of $1499 or above. Coupon code: QQ0PKWMH$RVZ02

  2. I need to buy a laptop (M1210), a desktop and a printer, and am only waiting to find good deals. So, if you have any coupons specifically for the M1210, or “general” coupons that would work “on any purchase,” I would really appreciate if you could pass them on to me. Thanks in advance!

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