Wii at last!

I noticed the sunday paper had Wii advertisements in the Target and Toys R Us flyers, so on a hunch I called. Target: sold out within five minutes after opening, sorry sir. Sigh. Toys R Us: Yes sir, we have them in stock. Me: what? really? How many? TRU: Plenty, sir. I leave immediately. When I get there, it’s a ghost town – no cars in the lot, no crowds in the store. I go to the game section and they have a pile there. I restrain myself and just pick up the console unit alone, no extra wiimotes or other fluff; I’m in a kind of daze.

And now I am home and my 4 year old is eying the box. Not gonna be blogging much today 🙂

UPDATE: And just like that, I am dismissed. Guess I have time for blogging after all. I really should pick up another Wiimote later, heh.

2 thoughts on “Wii at last!”

  1. heh. Not likely this week as my sister is coming to visit, so I’m third in line with only one Wiimote between us 🙂

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