Reference Scan

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with a few things – the coolest of which is this: Reference Scan, the re-incarnation of my old MRI blog. Not much to look at yet but eventually I intend to really push the envelope on how you can use a blog medium for academic information and discussion. If anyone has any interest in magnetic resonance imaging, do stop by.

I won’t be abandoning, rest assured. I even intend to talk about anime here! seriously! I want to try to upgrade to WP 2.1 first though… I see that Shamus pulled it off without a hitch, but his code-fu is stronger than mine.

One thought on “Reference Scan”

  1. The bit to watch out for is your Blogroll. Mine broke after the upgrade, and I had to look up and figure out the new wp tag to make it go, as the old one no longer worked.

    If you get stuck feel free to email (shamus at and I’d be happy to help you sort it out.

    Good luck!

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