Lain disc 2

I’m starting it this week. Since my insight after watching disc 1, I find myself suddenly eager. I didn’t get a chance to rewatch disc 1 with that theory in mind, but it’s still fresh in my mind.

I’m cognizant of astro’s critique of my attitude – I certainly admit to thinking (too) hard about Lain rather than just sitting back and enjoying it. Part of that might be the expectation that others’ reviews of the title created – this is supposed to be a deeply insightful and intellectual piece of work, inviting analysis, unlike Haibane Renmei which is an emotional and spiritual roller coaster ride from the outset. I need to stop comparing it to HR, and I am going to make more effort at making less effort for disc 2.

2 thoughts on “Lain disc 2”

  1. Sorry if a came across as being critical of your approach to Lain. I was simply rambling a bit while trying to come up with an explanation of why I like it so much. It seems to me that too many people dislike it after trying too hard to get it on first viewing, rather than enjoying the whole and then figuring it out afterwards. That was just my approach to Lain, anyways, and is probably not the way most viewers go at it.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your comments so far and look forward to seeing what you think as you get further into the series.

  2. I enjoyed Lain a lot more when I watched it the second time (mind you, I was nonetheless quite impressed by it the first time through). Initially, I think I spent too much effort paying attention to the technobabble. On re-watching, I decided to treat this as basically background noise used to create moods (and the cinematic “environment”).

    I think Lain is better “experienced” than “solved” (which might not be possible, in any event). ;~}

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