anime mashups

This is really a new artform. I agree with Scott’s comments at DW – the sum of the source materiel is truly greater tan the whole. And remember that this is possible despite the insane content-control regime imposed on end users… remember how easy it was to create audio mix tapes? Doing that with DVD source material is orders of magnitude harder, yet people are doing it anyway, and with brilliant results as above. Still, just imagine the explosion of creativity were these strictures to be even marginally looser…

3 thoughts on “anime mashups”

  1. First, by “new” art form, you mean in the past decade, right?

    Second, I object to the notion that lifting restrictions would enhance creativity, as limitations themselves are one cause of creativity.

  2. Lifting restrictions would allow more people to do it. I have a passing interest in creating such mashup works, but when I think about how much trouble it is to go about ripping and arranging content that interest quickly fades. It’s not difficult to realize that the more people you have participating in a community the more you are going to have of truly creative work. You’ll also have more dreck, but that’s inevitable and can be ignored if you’ve got a decent system for filtering it out. Go look at YTMND — Dreck that could span the globe several times over, but also miles and miles of genius.

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