Dean Devlin talks Stargate sequels

AICN has an interview with Dean Devlin that touches on, among other things, the Stargate sequels.

QUINT: You mentioned on the panel that you finally have the rights back to make sequels to STARGATE. What was holding the rights up?

DEAN DEVLIN: It’s not that the rights have cleared up. The previous regimes at MGM have been very wary about doing the sequel movies. There’s a new group of people running MGM now and they’re all big science fiction fans. So I’ve been talking about doing the sequels with them. There is no deal in place yet to make these films and we’re only in the very early stages of discussion. But at least there seems to be genuine interest in continuing the franchise.

QUINT: Will the second film pick up with the same characters from the original, continuing that story?

(the answer is a spoiler, so the rest of the interview is below the fold)

DEAN DEVLIN: When Roland and I developed the original STARGATE film, we had always envisioned it as the first of a trilogy of movies. There was a larger mythology to tell and we’ve always wanted to finish telling the story we started.
The sequel would take place about 12 years after the original and would pick up with Daniel making a discovery that leads him back to Earth and the discovery of a new and different Stargate!

QUINT: Where are you currently with the development of the sequels?

DEAN DEVLIN: At the moment, we’re only in discussions about the possibilities of doing it.

Note that the Stargate sequel continuity would not be the same as the TV show – which btw is on its final season after an impressive 200+, ten year run.

6 thoughts on “Dean Devlin talks Stargate sequels”

  1. I wonder if this has anything to do with SciFi not extending their contract for SG-1. (The wording of the statement makes it sound like there’s may be a move to a different network).

    If the sequel happens, I hope they get David Arnold back to do the score. His work on the Stargate movie and Independence Day was great.

  2. I saw that too – but Devlin’s comments imply that it’s a totally separate issue. Ultimately the cancellation of the TV show is prolly more due to actor fatigue; 10 years is a long time for the guy playing Telc to be Telc, etc. They prolly just want to move on. And note that SG:Atlantis will continue and is quite popular. It looks like a split continuity is developing, which is really fine.

    Oh agreed about the score. It was majestic. The original movie just hot the right notw on so many levels. It really deserves a refresh.

  3. I’m curious to see how they can pick up the movies after so much time and with so much mythos built up from the series as well. My guess is that unless they move in a different direction than action/Sci-Fi what they do with sequels will end up [to people familiar with the series] feeling derivative.

  4. Discover a second Stargate on Earth?

    Been there, done that.

    (But Devlin will handle it in a far better and more INTERESTING way than the idiots behind that crappy show did. SCREW YOU SG-1! I loved you once, never again!)

    Do it Dean. Open that second Gate to a new world filled with Mayans. Then make Stargate III, and finally explain all the mystery behind the various myths and legends on God’s green Earth.


  5. I am pleased to report that I found Stargate in the $5 DVD bin at Walmart. Havent had a good find like that since Totoro.

  6. Interesting, but the project is unfortunately still in limbo.

    It seems that even with changed leadership, there still is not enough justification to make these movies. The TV material has been so successful that it must be all-but impossible to deviate from that safe, known quantity. MGM has invested too much in it to deviate from that course.

    I’m surprised Devlin hasn’t given up.

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