Star Trek XI poster

wow. A single image reveals a lot about what – and when – the next Trek movie is going to be. Look below the fold. I considered the choice of JJ Abrams as director to be brilliant – it’s clear that he gets what made Star Trek so captivating the first time around; the characters, especially the Trek Trinity. The image brings a real mix of emotion and sentiment back with full force .. it is familiar, achingly familiar, and yet also full of promise at the same time.

Star Trek XI teaser - 2008

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  1. I have to admit that I’m not too enthused about a new Star Trek movie, but Abrams is an intriguing choice. He somehow managed to salvage the Mission Impossible franchise, turning in the best of the series (not that the first two were that good). So perhaps this movie won’t fall completely on it’s face. I think a lot of seqeuls make a mistake when they try to force old characters back into the story. The Alien franchise suffered from this too. Whatever. Expectations will be low, so it won’t take much for me to enjoy it…

  2. The thing is, that the Academy concept was being floated around long before many of the more recent films were made. As a result, almost all aspects of the script have been cannibalized for the Enterprise TV show and subsequent movies. But there was real magic in the idea, and JJ Abrams is the right guy to pull it off. After all, we are talking about Star Trek prior to all the tecnobabble and crazy continuities that defy retcon. Its pure.

    Read this:

    its a review of the original Academy script. It’s essential. Ill blog it later in more detail, but you guys have to see it.

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