Kamichu sub quality

Don just received the first volume of Kamichu and mentions that the subtitling done by Geneon is poor compared to the fansubs. Also it seems that the fansubs come with a lot of “liner notes” about Shinto that help explain the series, which the official disc lacks.

My main interest is really the dub, since my daughter can’t read yet. Don hasn’t yet evaluated the dub quality, and I look forward to his comments. I’ve pretty much decided that this series will be worth buying, seeing how it meets my kid-friendly requirements. Still, I want to see what Don says before I take the final plunge.

3 thoughts on “Kamichu sub quality”

  1. We (IIChan Translation Group) put “FON’s Guide to Yurie’s World” at the end of each episode, illuminating a few cultural aspects occurring in the episode. We didn’t put very many notes on the screen during the episode (which some fansubbers do).

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