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Don has suggestions for child-friendly anime. I can’t express enough gratitude to him for this.

I think I’ll start saving up for Binchou-tan next for my daughter (now 4). She also (somewhat surprisingly) enjoyed Someday’s Dreamers, so I would like to add that to the recommended-for-kids list. Small girls really seem to relate to the whole “magical girl” genre, and my daughter in particular was quite taken with the idea of a magic bracelet/ring that she can use for her “magic power”. Plus she got hooked on the theme music almost as hard as with Sugar.

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  1. All the titles I discussed in that post are available in the West only as fansubs, and I have no idea when, if ever, any of them will be released as region one DVDs. I hope that Binchou-tan will be licensed soon, but whether that happens depends on the whims of American anime companies, whose priorities I don’t pretend to understand.

    It’s frightening sometimes what interests youngsters. Another nephew last year discovered Serial Experiments Lain among my brother’s DVDs and was fascinated by it. He was in kindergarten then.

  2. I guess I can try the scary world of fansub torrents… though mainly for my benefit, since my daughter can’t read yet. While the fansub won’t really be of much help, there’s something appealing about her learning more Japanese 🙂

  3. Hmm… there’s a lot of anime for kids, some of it shows up on US TV, but a lot of it is of the fighting variety, “Digimon”, “Pokemon”, “Yu-Gi-Oh”, and whatever is showing in the Fox Box (looks like its Sonic X this month).

    But gentler, more charming stuff, doesn’t seem to get licensed in the US much. For fansubs, there’s things like “Pandalian” and “Pretty Cure” (the first season of Pretty Cure is licensed though). Hmm, perhaps poke through this: (genre search for “kids” on anidb).

  4. Try Tokyo Mew Mew. It’s pretty much magical girl centered and it used to come on 4kids/Fox box so it’s probably ok for a 4 year old. It just has a little violence in it, like everything else.

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