New Internet Addictions

just discovered this via about a dozen separate internet vectors. Now I feel like watching Firefly – all of it – again.

Shamus puts it best:

What I really wish is that Joss Whedon would make another show. And that Nathan Fillion would be in it. And I wish it would be about something cool. Like superheroes. No! Supervillains! Like, a comedy. A musical comedy maybe. With Neil Patrick Harris. And since I don’t have cable TV, it would be cool if they made the show and then just put it up online. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Yes. It would be fully and unwaveringly awesome.

It should also be noted that the lovely, talented Felicia Day, whom I’d never heard of before today, is not just the love interest for the mighty NPH in Dr. Horrible but also the writer for The Guild, which will appeal to you if you appreciate gamer humor, or even if you don’t: