turning inwards

Ramadan approaches, and I am going to make the effort to use the time I’d normally use for Warcraft, anime, and other geekery for more spiritual pursuits instead. That’s not to say I am putting this blog on hiatus for a month; I intend to post as often as I usually do (ie, wildly unpredictably). But my topic matter is going to take a turn for the philosophical in some respects. I’ll also be blogging extensively at City of Brass since Ramadan is understandably a major opportunity for an explicitly muslim-oriented blog.

As it happens, my Warcraft account expires tomorrow, and while I did buy a new card from Target, I’ll hold off on activating it until after Ramadan has ended. I hope Blizzard doesn’t delete my characters! I also will put my netflix account on hiatus as well. So, less temptation, and more self-discipline, for a month anyway. Wish me luck.