I dodged a bullet…

Thank god I pulled the trigger on my new build in December prior to Sandy Bridge. Had I waited, I’d probably have convinced myself to do a Sandy Bridge build instead, and then I’d be facing this:

Intel has today announced that its 6-series chipset, for use with the Sandy Bridge processors released earlier this year, has a serious flaw and that the company is recalling and replacing the affected parts. The chipsets, which provide PCI Express, USB, and other connectivity to the processor, have a problem in their SATA controllers causing performance to degrade over time.

In its statement, the company states that customers who have taken delivery of systems with the P67 and H67 “Cougar Point” chipsets can continue to use their systems “with confidence,” suggesting that the flaw is restricted to a performance issue and cannot cause data loss. Nonetheless, such users should contact their computer manufacturers to obtain a fixed system.

bottom line, anyone who has a Sandy Bridge motherboard and CPU is going to need to return their components for new ones.

Anandtech has way more detail. I’m quite happy to have dodged this bullet, and that I ignored lots of advice to wait for SB.

Sharikou is going to gloat like crazy about this one!

whither Sharikou?

I saw a headline at Anand that AMD’s CEO is resigning – possibly because despite saving the company from extinction, the board probably wants to sell AMD off. Reading about AMD, and having just completed an Intel/Nvidia build with barely any consideration of AMD or ATI this time around, makes me remember that wacky blogger “Sharikou, Ph.D.” who was the ultimate AMD partisan fanboi back in the day.

Sure enough, he’s still around, and still pushing the AMD kool aid. Last we checked in with sharikou was almost three years ago, where he was predicting Intel going bankrupt in 2Q08. Obviously that didn’t happen, but it’s pretty funny to search his blog for the terms “intel bk”.

April 12 2007: Intel will BK 2Q08
October 17 2007: Intel will BK 1Q09
October 26 2007: Intel will BK 4 quarters after Phenom enters the market (Phenom entered March 2008)
December 1 2007: Intel will BK 1Q09
September 8 2009: Intel BK in 2011 (quarter unspecified)

So basically, once 2008 rolled around, Sharikou stopped predicting Intel’s demise. Late September, well past his oft-extended deadline, he punted. This seems to be the big year, but Sharikou has yet to narrow down the date. 😛

At any rate, Sharikou is right that 64-bit computing is indeed pervasive now, with Windows 7 and Vista. It’s practically impossible to build or buy a 32 bit system nowadays. I can’t believe I am rocking 8 GB of fully-addressable RAM, and upgrading to 16GB will cost less than $100. (but is there any point? none I can see, even for MATLAB). I’m not entirely clear what other advantages having 64bits gives me, but it’s pretty cool. 2^6, baby!!

The only question remaining is whether AMD’s CEO resignation will delay, or speed up, Intel’s BK.