all good things

…must come to and end, including an amazing trip in Colombo. And, hopefully, the trip home from hell. Its early morning in London where I am holed up in a hotel, having missed my connection in Heathrow due to an 8 hour delay departing Colombo (due to the runway accident at Heathrow a few days ago which has shut down a runway). I should be home in 12 hours or so.


inmate leaving the asylum, with toys

I’m going on a little trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka tomorrow and will be gone for a week. I’ve lined up some guest bloggers to fill the void in my absence, Razib Khan of GNXP and Dave Kim, one of my oldest friends. I might check in with some photos of Colombo using my new Canon G9. I’ve also got my other new toy to play with, which is even smaller in real life than I was expecting. Both toys have kept me pretty busy yesterday as you might imagine 🙂

Here’s my UPS booty:

my new toys

That’s a 2GB memory stick for the EEE, a free 1GB SD card that was bundled with the camera, and a 4GB Corsair flash drive I’ve had my eye on for a while.

Here’s a size comparison of the EEE with a familiar object, just to give you an idea of the scale.

scale of eee relative to a DVD

I did manage to upgrade the memory fairly easily, but installing Windows XP has been challenging. I’ll get there. And finish packing, too, sometime today. Hopefully.