even more exercise that I should be doing

My workout regimen is an elliptical machine and a Bowflex at home. At least, I have the machines, but I’ve been slacking of late in actually using them. My intention is to follow the schedule:

  • M, W, F: elliptical for 30 min
  • T: Bowflex for chest and back
  • R: Bowflex for arms and shoulders

Unfortunately the time I set aside for the above tends to get eaten by work or family stuff, so I need to do a much better job of adhering to this. My saving grace is that no matter whether I’ve worked out or not, if the weather is good we go out biking as a family in the early evening, which is a nice 6 mile circuit with some big hills. I look at this as recreation and not exercise, but it definitely is a workout (especially since I’m pulling a trailer with 40lbs of 5-year old in it).

However I do need to supplement this with some sort of daily routine. So I was glad of this lifehacker post which reminded me of the 100 Pushups program that I long-ago stated I intended to pursue, along with new programs I hadn’t heard of before for similar at-home exercises. Here’s the list:

100 pushups
150 dips
200 situps
200 squats

There’s also a 25-pullups program in the works but lets start with the above at least. I need to figure out the best way to integrate these into my week. I havent even read them in detail yet, so this is sort of a placeholder post while I develop a plan. Suggestions and ideas are welcome!

I invite critique and suggestions!