Support Independent gaming and Kickstart QONQR!

Qonqr is a cool location-based mobile MMO that is being developed by an independent studio also named Qonqr. One of my close friends from college is a co-founder and they are trying to raise some money via Kickstarter to fund development of the next phase of the game. About the game:

QONQR is a location-based, massively-multiplayer strategy game in which players use their smartphones to battle for control of the cities, towns, and neighborhoods in which they live and work. QONQR allows you to be a mobile operative on the streets, in coffee shops and even at the grocery store; battling for control and conquering the world. It is available right now on iPhone and Windows Phone, with Android development underway.

Here’s a quick summary video with more detail:

Please check their Kickstarter out if you’re intrigued, and lend them a few bucks. They are halfway to their goal of $25k and there are only 36 hours left in the campaign, so time is of the essence!