Here’s the trailer at AICN. I think this one comment in the Trackback thread below summed up my impression perfectly:

May 04, 2011 7:16:10 PM CDT
by goldentribe

in 3D, to boot. argh indeed.

Frankly, the most amazing thing about the Arnold era of Conan was his raw size and speed. The man was a mountain that moved like a tornado. Momoa seems to be about 1/2 the bulk, but 1/2 the speed. Jumpinng around in the air or twirling the sword doesn’t mask the fact that he doesn’t (in the trailer, anyway) have the same ferocity and power. Conan needs to be giganticly muscled because he moves a 40-lb hand-and-a-half sword around like it’s a six-shooter.

Plus, what’s with the rock and roll soundtrack? If they aren’t going to reuse Basil Poledouris’s astonishing score then they better aim at least in the same direction. The trailer gives little confidence that there will be reflective scenes like Theology that establish Conan’s worldview, or whether Conan even has a worldview beyond HULK SMASH. If the score is all rock and roll, we can assume the movie plays in the shallow end of the plot pool.

Let’s see how he does in the film. But the inheritance of the modern era of comic-book derived action storyboarding, and the 3D baggage, doesn’t look promising.

Are we in for EMO Conan? Or will we see him punch a camel?