Felix Gaeta – the Face of the Enemy?

There’s a new 10-part series of weekly webisodes at scifi.com featuring Lt. Felix Gaeta at scifi.com beginning today. The title of the series is “The Face of the Enemy” and given my earlier speculation on the identity of the final cylon, I am going to have fun mining these webeps for more data to support my theory 🙂

There’s a brief summary of the overall plot of the webeps at io9. Some minor commentary of my own below the fold…

The episode starts 9 days after the fleet discovered Earth. Then we cut to three days earlier than that. So the fleet just left Earth? Where are they going now?

Tigh is in charge at the CnC. Wasn’t he going to be jailed for being a cylon? or did Apollo’s heart-to-heart with his dad soften the Admiral’s heart towards Tigh after all?

There are two random 8’s who join Felix on the Raptor. The view of the fleet below shows that the rebel Cylon basestar is now part of the Fleet, though the offhand comment by the mechanic who joins Gaeta on the Raptor indicates that “skinjob-ophobia” is alive and well.

Naturally, Cylon hostiles appear just as the Raptor os aloft, forcing the fleet to make an emergency jump, and naturally the Raptor ends up alone and separated from the Fleet. Why are those hostiles still after Galactica now? Did the “bad” Cylons also find Earth?

The Fleet six days after leaving dead Earth
The Fleet six days after leaving dead Earth