Talisman video game cancelled

Looks like there won’t be a video game adaptation of fantasy board-game classic Talisman after all:

one of the biggest problems with a game like Talisman relied on social exchanges that a video game couldn’t necessarily guarantee. “Whether it’s the taunting of the person sitting to your right or the planning of what the players should do next, it relies on people sitting together and talking,” Boye said. “If you’ve played online games lately, you notice that not all players use their headsets. Social games like Talisman rely on that aspect, so if the people in your match aren’t going to use their headsets, the social aspect of a board game gets completely drained and becomes a slog as you could be sitting there for five minutes waiting for your next turn.”

Wouldn’t the same argument apply to Dungeons and Dragons?

Not that I have time to play either board games or video games, actually, but I was a big fan of Talisman back in the day. It helped to have a friend who was so into it that they spent all the money on the expansion sets 🙂