Starting season 4. Season 3 was a lot of one-off episodes, but season 4 is beginning an arc again and it’s really much improved. The Akane-Ranma relationship still doesn’t seem stuck in neutral, it’s clear that it is proceeding, but even more interesting is the evolution of almost everyone else. Ryoga and Ukyo still are my favorites, though.

And this arc in season 4, with the Blast of the Heavenly Dragon, is truly suspenseful. I wish the art would catch up to the writers, but I’ve seen some clips from seasons ahead so I know it gets better. Patience, grasshopper!

obligatory Youtube remix of Kung Fu Fighting:

and this one seems drawn from the OVA, set to the tune of Mortal Kombat. It has me quite eager to get through the slog of these intermediate seasons because it is clear that Shampoo, Mousse, even Kuno have a lot more evolution ahead.