Steven, there were a lot wierder scenes than that one!

I’m enjoying the introduction of Ukyo. I can’t wait for Ukyo and Shampoo to square off now. The parade of suitors is far from wearing thin in my opinion, if they can continue the novelty factor. And the novelty of Tsubasa pretty much takes the cake.

Why did Ranma try so hard to compete with Tsubasa, and take the “dog” insult so hard? My theory is that Ranma on some level was reacting in competitive manner as a male. In a sense, Ranma’s objection aside, they really are into the same stuff.

I’ve now completed the first disc of season 3. The episodes with Ukyo, Ryoga, and Tsubasa were as good as anything in season 2. Gotta agree with Ranma – Ukyo is way more kawaii than Akane. The episode with Shampoo was boring. The episode with Happosai was garbage.