dreaming of an EEE Tablet

It seems that the next generation EEE, which will have a 9-inch screen and Windows XP preinstalled, will also feature a resistive touchscreen LCD. The unit may also include GPS though this has not been confirmed.

This is pretty intriguing news, though not in itself enough to make me lust for one. The inclusion of GPS is a great idea, it’s a fairly cheap chipset and will add tremendous functionality. But the touchscreen LCD is more promising because it suggests that a tablet EEE is not too far in the future. Tablets tend to be expensive and midsized, which are both disincentives to pulling them out in public and using them in tablet mode. But an inexpensive EEE tablet would be revolutionary. Imagine a tablet that you could truly hold in one hand, with a touch screen, and sporting GPS to boot. Coupled with WiMax you’d basically have the ultimate device. That’s something worth waiting for, as long as they keep it in the $500 range.