The mysteries of time

An email, from a vendor of a time-keeping system, to a friend of mine who heads the IT department, regarding the implementation of Daylight Savings Time:

On 3/9 there are only 23 hours in the day. This is controlled by NASA and Greenwich Mean Time. There is nothing that can be done to correct it, it is not broken; it is the planned design. In TIM time is an exact science.

As well in Fall when time moves back to Standard Time there will be 25 hours in the day. Schedules must be adjusted to work the required number of actual hours if they cross the span that includes 2am when this occurs. In order to receive a full 8 hour shift employees scheduled ending times will need to be adjusted at both time changes.

I understand. NASA, Dennis Kucinich, orbital mind control lasers, the whole bit. Not to mention a conspiracy of cartographers. It all makes sense.

Meanwhile, I remain stubbornly opposed to reading the rationale behind DLS, so that I may hate on it unimpeded by pesky facts. Sometimes I have to insulate myself against my own reasonableness.