a coincidence, yeah sure

Via my feedreader, an article preview at Ars Technica:

Top US government research labs infiltrated by hackers
from Ars Technica by segphault@arstechnica.com (Ryan Paul)

Los Alamos National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, two of the leading military research facilities in the United States, were recently infiltrated by hackers.

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clicking the link for more, however, brings you to a blank page. I’m sure it’s just a technical difficulty. ahem.

in related news, we rented Live Free and Die Hard last week. It was a fun movie, and the hacker kid was a great sidekick. But what’s with replacing “yippee-ki-yay mother-[obscenity]er” with “Whoo!”!? It’s not like the rest of the movie was kid-friendly for language. And the villain was just bleh. Oooh, scary, I’ll delete your 401k! Is that a threat? The shadow of Hans Gruber looms large.

so, anyway, <rumor>Ars Technica has been hacked!</rumor> Hopefully now I will be linked by Valleywag.