Firefly screenshots

I was rewatching Firefly to take a break from Last Exile, and was moved to take some screen shots from the pilot episode. One thing that strikes me about this series is how hilarious it can be. For example, the joke at which the crew is laughing about here:


has me laughing aloud every single time. I know the joke is coming; it just never gets old. Hearing Wash tell Mal, “You’re a psychotic!” with genuine admiration is just icing on the cake.

this scene is pretty hilarious too, in a much sweeter way:


Anyone with a sibling is bound to smile at what Simon says to River: “well, you’re a dummy.” Context is, of course, key.

Levity aside, the drama of this scene also always feels like it’s my first viewing:


Actually, their first encounter with that ship is even more so, but I’m too lazy to go back and get the screencap. You really buy into the threat; every character plays the tension perfectly even in casual conversation about the Reavers. Memorable quote: “If we’re lucky, they’ll do it in that order”. Heh.

At any rate, she doesn’t look like much:


but I am already as fond of her as I am of old NCC-1701.