For the latest in Hurricane Dean coverage, Eric Berger’s SciGuy blog at the Houston Chronicle is basically, ahem, the eye of the storm. The latest update puts landfall down in the Yucatan peninsula, meaning that there’s not much threat to Texas. Steven observed that I should be rather glad to have moved from Texas to Wisconsin two months ago; certainly true, my timing couldn’t have been better (and we just closed on our old house, so I wish the new owner best of luck. There’s precut plywood in the garage.) Somewhat ironically, it was a beautiful (though hot) day in Galveston county yesterday, as far as my contacts there reported. Meanwhile here in Marshfield it’s been cold drizzle since Saturday morning. My daughter has been going slightly stir crazy indoors, now that she’s used to roaming free outside. On the balance, I’d happily trade a little rain for a hot, muggy summer (and occasional hurricane threat). Of course, check back with me in November. Might be singing a different tune. I’d better get to Menard’s one of these days and scope out the snowblower aisle… buy some 2x4s to raise the boxes in the garage off the floor, too.

Of course, weather issues aside, there’s always a piece of me gonna stay down Texas way. As the bumper sticker says,