wee games for the Wii

in an interview with the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo, he let this little nugget slip about a potential use for the WiiWare development platform:

we have in our internal development teams who are constantly doing different experiments and will have different ideas about games. And oftentimes a lot of those experiments can’t be fully fleshed out into, say, a Mario game or something like that. But those individuals will often want to find a way to take those ideas to market. So it’s possible that we might be able to take advantages of some of those resources and turn them into small and compact Wii Ware games.

if they price these at $1, I can see this being as addictive for me as iTunes is for others. Especially if the games can also be transfered to the Nintendo DS… The infrastructure is in place to create an entire ecosystem that could rival or even exceed Apple’s, but for games instead of music.