the barista hates you

Slashfood’s coffee-blogging is right up my alley. A good friend recently introduced me to the delights of Red Bull, but when I tried to buy some at a local Kroger I got major sticker shock. So for now my routine is brewed coffee at home or the office, with the occasional treat of Starbucks when good company presents itself.

Still, I labor under no illusions that the barista corps have any love lost for me or my triple venti blended nonfat dolce (with no whipped cream, thank you) pretensions. Check out this righteous rant at Romenesko’s Starbucks Gossip blog – one of my favorite excerpts:

Quit bitching about the names of everything. Yes, there is a “tall” size. No, it’s not the smallest size – that would be the “short.” Somewhere along the line, it got dropped from the menu, but can still be ordered. It doesn’t make much sense to me either, but I didn’t come up with the nomenclature for this s%$t. Order by the names on the menu, because I’ve had people ask for a “medium coffee” and get inexplicably pissed off when I give them a grande. Which is a medium coffee.
If you order a Frappuccino, I will hate you even more.

What would happen if I tried to order a half-double decaffeinated half cap (with a twist of lemon)?