CES2007: 1TB for $399

Hitachi and Seagate are racing to deliver 1-terabyte (1TB) hard drives by the first quarter. These are the fruits of perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR).

Since the 40th annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is about to start in Las Vegas, expect the week ahead to be full of these kinds of goodies. For example, there are Blu-Ray burners, HD-DVD burners, and even combo Blu-Ray/HD-DVD drives coming out soon. Wireless USB is going to be big this year, as will Windows Slideshow, an advanced secondary external LCD screen for laptop computers running Vista. And there’s even a 32GB flash-based notebook hard drive. There’s a storage-technology slideshow on the web that previews some of these technologies.

The best CES coverage is at Ars Technica and Tom’s Hardware. Stay tuned…