Let’s just make clear – I’m not blogging to make money. And I certainly don’t have the bandwidth problems that Shamus enjoys. My hosting fees, while certainly non-trivial, are reasonable and I view them as money spent on a hobby rather than a loss to be recouped. And I have a day job that puts plenty of food on the table…

However, neither am I a Marxist monk, so I do sprinkle the site with Google ads and Amazon affililate links. Given my new quixotic quest, I’m looking at a significant (and voluntary, of course) hit to my budget soon as well, so any extra income is always appreciated.

To that end I’ve added a prominent link to and search box at the top of the sidebar to the right. Amazon is well-stocked with Anime and sci fi DVDs of course, not to mention all other manner of goodies we geeks lust for. And Amazon gift certificates in particular are a fantastic way to give someone the perfect last-minute gift.

I get a few percent kickback from Amazon for every dollar you spend at the site if you go via That money is going straight to the Wee one‘s Wii fund. So, if you’re so inclined, please do consider directing your Amazon largesse via Just come here first and click on the Amazon logo or use the search field. You’ll have my sincere gratitude.