the Geneon fire sale

Both RightStuf (via Don) and Bob’s Corner Store (via Steven) are having a huge fire-sale on Geneon titles. $5 per disc! This includes Haibane Renmei and Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy, the two titles that I think everyone should own. I personally prefer Bob’s but his website is blocked from work so if the 4-year old permits me ten minutes, I’ll try from home.

At the very least I want to buy Someday’s Dreamers and Bottle Fairy. Both of these were “loaned” to me and I want to get my own copies, primarily because I enjoyed them with my daughter. I also want to see if the Sugar: Summer Special is on the list, and I am also considering Serial Experiments: Lain.

Other than these though I am still (as mentioned earlier) in a bit of a quandary as for what to try next. What I hate more than anything is getting into a good story and then having it end sour, which is what lies in store it seems for both Kamichu and for Last Exile. Mike Kerpan cautioned that Kino’s Journey is good but not really for kids, so I might be better off renting it (if I can find it).

Still, anyone else looking to add some solid titles to their shelf should check these sales out for sure. I recommend Haibane and Sugar at the bare minimum, and Someday’s Dreamers if you want to experiment more.