on anime-blogging

Shamus notes with some amusement that a large number of political bloggers are now blogging about anime.

I can attest to the fact that political blogging is draining. I was never a fan of the partisan scalp hunt. Lately I have just lost interest – especially given it all seems to make no difference in teh end. I find myself fighting the same battles over and over again.

I have long had a passion for science fiction, and Steven opened up a world of anime that I can enjoy with my daughter as well. This stuff is fun to talk about. Let other people handle the jihad or crusade or whatever. This just suits me better right now.

Welcome to Haibane.info

This blog is going to be a celebration of science fiction and anime, with additional topics of relevance to be determined. The blog is named for the central characters in the stunning anime Haibane Renmei, which is easily the best anime I have ever seen (though I have not seen that many, this guy has seen a lot more and concurs).

Some of the topics that I intend to discuss, in spoiler-laden fashion, will be anime, The Matrix, Battlestar Galactica, various science fiction books and movies, and The Hitchhker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I also will invite others to contribute who will hopefully make this a rich repository of ideas and discussion.

This site will also soon host a Wiki, which will not seek to be a comprehensive database but rather serve as a guide to the discussions taking place at Haibane.info. It will be our archive of what we as a community believe and how we interpret these works of fiction (and non fiction in some cases as well).

So, let us begin. Hane Haeterun?