Calvin and Jobs

Hobbes has been replaced by Steve Jobs:

Brilliant. I especially love how Jobbes turns into a stuffed toy when the parents or others are around. The artwork is perfect, but the comic has a sharp edge, too:

Calvin: Jeez! How come all your stuff so expensive, Jobs?
Jobs: Well, Calvin, it’s carefully put together by some of the world’s most ingenious craftsmen!
Calvin: Really? But isn’t it slapped together in China like just about everything else?
Jobs: I was talking about our ads.

Somehow I don’t think Bill Watterson is going to be as tolerant of this as Jim Davis was with Garfield Minus Garfield… speaking of the latter, travors just signed a book deal with Davis’ blessing.

less Garfield is more

I’ve been proselytizing Garfield Minus Garfield for a while now, so I’ve seen them all. However the latest is I think a true masterpiece, in how the presence of Garfield was subtle to begin with, and how the omission truly changes the meaning of the strip in a profound way. It’s brilliant. I’m stealing it.

garfield minus garfield 05 16 08

In related news, Garfield creator Jim Davis knows about G-G and actually approves. That’s just cool.

The Drake Equation

XKCD pays homage to the Drake Equation, with their characteristic style:

It should be noted though that the new term Bs is redundant with L. That’s really the only parameter for which there is essentially no way to formulate any reasonable estimate. When I learned about the Drake Equation in college, we basically came to see that the Drake Equation was uttterly dominated by the assumption for L, even if fl, fi, and fc were all assumed to be 1. It’s a sobering thought that time, not space, is our greatest barrier to finding someone else Out There.

it could happen

This isn’t as far-fetched as it seems as first glance:

If reculsive artist Bill Watterson has his way, it will soon become illegal to own copies of his beloved Calvin & Hobbes comic strips — and even Stupendous Man may be powerless to stop him.

Breaking a long period of seclusion in which he granted no interviews and issued virtually no public statements, Watterson, creator of the wildly popular and critically acclaimed “Calvin & Hobbes”, has announced that he is seeking the total destruction of all copies of the strip in any form.

ok, it is far-fetched, but it isn’t as far-fetched. It’s pretty far to fetch, admittedly. But it just isn’t as far to fetch for Watterson, whose pre-Calvin artwork established him as pretty far ahead in the fetching department.

Before there was Calvin

via Brian, This is quite a find: an exhaustive collection of pre-Calvin and Hobbes artwork by Bill Watterson. Sources for these scanned pieces of art include his Ohio college yearbook, a political cartooning magazine he worked at, and even a brief stint at the Cincinnati Post. I’ve put some of my favorites below the fold, but the whole thing deserves a leisurely browse.

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