road trip!

Can’t take government services for granted: driving to Wisconsin Rapids to get a SSN card for the baby today. Will be an adventure in patience.

UPDATE: back. pretty easy jaunt, about 36 miles and 45 minutes each way. For perspective, that’s like driving from Dickinson to Houston and back. Except this was almost entirely on county roads. Google’s suggested route turned out to be no timesaver; I came back the simpler way, a straight shot up Route 13. I’m glad I took different routes there and back, though – I need to develop my geographic intuition for this region a bit more. Note to self: don’t rely on the lettered county roads to be continuous.

Scarily, though I was careful to pack a freezer bag with a bottle of breastmilk along, I’d forgotten to take the nipple cap. Luckily she slept the entire time. She’s still asleep in fact. Strike that… she’s waking up. diaper and feeding time.

Mr. Otaku’s Wild Ride

One 26 foot truck with trailer, four days, 1660+ miles, 197 gallons of diesel fuel, and 8.9 miles per gallon (est. highway).


Kind of speaks for itself, no? well, so too does this (look closely).

Here’s the detailed itinerary via Google (at zipcode resolution only, so its not 100% accurate on the side-street level). It turns out that I passed right through Nick’s backyard and also within shouting distance of Astro. That’s a genuine shame; my blogroll is a short one for a reason, and I’d have valued a meeting with either of them highly. Then again, as my twitter log shows, we were pressed for time the whole way and fell behind schedule, revising our plan somewhat along the route. I really enjoyed the freedom of looking at the map and saying, “today we will do this instead of this.”

Incidentally, I’ve also put my mileage calculations online in a google spreadsheet; since each time I filled up, I filled up the tank to the maximum, I think the implicit assumption of my calculation (that gallons filled are equal to gallons consumed on the previous leg) holds. I invite corrections.

At any rate, here I am, in Marshfield WI. I welcome my new cheese overlords. I’m going to blog a bit about life here, and have added a Marshfield category accordingly.

And I will actually do some geek and anime blogging, too, while I am at it. I’m about halfway through the Girl Who Leapt…